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If you were ever curious about me well all your questions are answered here! If you still need to know something then you can email me.,
I was born in 1973 (you figure out the age) in Orlando, Florida USA!!! I currently live in North Carolina and am a freelance web designer. I have 2 dogs, 2 cats and an Umbrella Cockatoo. To see the bird's page click here.
Hobbies I am into lots of different things. I love art, painting, drawing, 3D art, sewing needlepoint etc. I also love to design things web sites, layouts scrapbooks. Gardening is one of my newer hobbies I just started to do that last year and it turns out I like it!  
Beliefs I am a Christian. I am proud to be one in this day and age where people are so easily offended. If you don't want to hear about God then move to another country but in this one we were founded on the belief in GOD! Jesus died for our sins and He is coming again!!! For more information please see the links at the side. I am always willing to talk to people about God so feel free to email me anytime with questions or discussions about God and religion!

Billy Graham

The Good News

Liberty University

Interests I have tons of interests. Sometimes I think I have too many!! I love anything that has to do with fantasy. Some of my favorite movies include The Lord Of the Rings trilogy, Willow, Robin Hood Prince of Thieves, Pirates of the Caribbean (not to leave out Johnny Depp!!!) . I love the renaissance also and attend many ren fairs. I even go as far as to sew the costumes I dress up to attend them. We are also looking forward to joining a group called the SCA they do medieval recreations. I am also into the game Everquest. I play a 55 Enchanter named Sorechia on the Bristlebane server and am a member of the guild Twilight Rising. If you play send me a tell in game! I also like the SIMs, SIMs 2 and other computer puzzle type games.



Twilight Rising

Pictures Here are a few pictures of me. The first one is of me in a dress that I made for a ren faire. The rest of the pictures are random, high school college and then there are some halloween costumes, my co-worker and I dress up every year for halloween and I always get roped into making the costumes.

Me In Garb

Me in HS

Me in HS 2

Me in HS 3

Halloween 1999

Halloween 2000

Halloween 2003

My Tattoo

Me and my car

Me this summer

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